Claremont Insider: Joe Lyons: Did Claremont Really Elect the "Smartest Man in the Room"?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Joe Lyons: Did Claremont Really Elect the "Smartest Man in the Room"?

Here is Joe Lyons' "thank you" ad in Saturday's Courier. Check the spelling of the word "privilege". Is this really the guy who uses his ability to "understand how complex and dynamic system operate"? How 'bout the ability to spell simple English words in headline text?

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Also, two of his people unburdened themselves of kooky opinions in the letters on page 2. Karen Rosenthal, at whose home in the Village Joe Lyons had his election night gathering, ruminated on whether satire would be appropriate in a councilman.

And Leo Kretzner, colleague of Lyons at the City of Hope...well, he must be about the most un-fun guy around.
Here's the main point of his letter, referring to Nasiali's satirical letter of last summer: "...I've reread it yet again and I just don't see any hint of satire or sarcasm... A satirical piece needs to have a least a little hint that it is indeed satirical--a verbal 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge' that is unfortunately missing..." We don't propose to re-parse the original piece. Too many people smarter than us have done so and the consensus is in. Get some humor training, Leo.

Another letter on page 2 of the Courier (you really ought to go out and buy your copy) alludes to the idea that the Gerecke hit piece ad that has been the subject of so much discussion seems to have emanated from Joseph Lyons' camp. He has done nothing thus far to dissuade us from that thought. Shouldn't he and his people be healing rather irritating?

Take a look at his campaign committee--Gerecke, Rosenthal, and Kretzner. What a coincidence:

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This is gonna be an interesting time in Claremont. Read his "thank you" if you have the fortitude. Somebody may actually have found a candidate--now a councilmember--who will gas more than Linda Elderkin.