Claremont Insider: Bridget Healy's Alive! Alive!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Bridget Healy's Alive! Alive!

Bridget "The Hammer" Healy confided to friends recently that she wants to come back to Claremont from Indio. She does not like it there because "it's too hot." She may be referring to the political scene, where former Claremont City Manager Glenn Southard has made war on councilmember Mike Wilson much as he did here in conjunction with Preserve Claremont against Jackie McHenry.

Is this, coupled with the Paul Cooper appointment to Interim Police Chief, a move back to the future by the Claremont 400? And who can forget the work city staff did in the 2005 election? We get an echo of that in this election with the city attorney stepping into to help the Elderkin campaign with free legal advice. Southardism come back from the dead.

Only time will tell. Perhaps the Claremonster lives after all.