Claremont Insider: Centennial Squared

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Centennial Squared

Did anyone else notice that this year the City of Claremont is celebrating it's second Centennial?

There was another celebration in 1987, when Judy Wright was still mayor. That first celebration was in honor of the founding of Claremont in 1887. The town didn't actually incorporate - didn't become legitimate city - until 1907. Of course, Judy must have known she wouldn't be mayor in 2007, so naturally the town had to have this other celebration twenty years ago so that Judy and the other councilmembers at the time, Diann Ring, Nick Presecan, Alexander Hughes, and Bill McCready, could have a shot at presiding over a centennial too. Just think of it as a Pre-Centennial.

The second edition of Wright's book, Claremont: A Pictorial History, devotes pages 481-482 to a section called "Claremont's Centennial." Wright says of herself: "What an honor for a community historian to also be mayor of her City during its centennial."

Nothing like a second bite at the centennial apple, and now Diann's and Judy's friends on the current council get to officiate over their own set of celebrations. Hey, these centennials are great fun - let's do it again in another twenty years!

Heck, it's not their money.