Claremont Insider: The Evening News

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Evening News

Some of the media coverage of the Claremont Culture Wars:

Update, Wednesday Morning:
Los Angeles Times, Wednesday morning, with best video we've seen (linked on Drudge as this is written)

Los Angeles Times, editorial (links this website with letters describing original Thanksgiving)

Contra Costa Times (picked up from article by Inland Valley Daily Bulletin writer Wes Woods II)

Claremont Courier, opinion by publisher Peter Weinberger

United Press International

John Birch Society

A related article, not on the Claremont event

Tuesday Evening:
KABC-TV (video on link)

Los Angeles Times

KFI News--Jody Becker
(audio on link; listen to a sound bite by Michelle Raheja--the "horribly wrong" quote)

John and Ken 3 o'clock hour (fresh; good reporting and audio from Jody Becker. Most of the hard news is in the first 20 minutes, the rest is commentary, rants, and phone calls)

John and Ken 5 o'clock hour (a recap of the earlier segment; again, most of the substance is in the first 20 minutes. John calls the protesters "nimrods".)

FOXNews, Brit Hume