Claremont Insider: Tweets from City "All Hands" Meeting

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tweets from City "All Hands" Meeting

Our Twitter feed captured the following tweets from someone who appears to be a City employee at an "all hands" meeting at City Hall this morning:

●Parker: $6 million bite out of $20 million budget.

●Employee next 2 me: "At least he got his $14,000 raise."

●$2.? million "borrowed" by State.

●$1/2 million gas tax? hit

●On top of $2.5 million earlier, $5-6 million total hit.


●Dept heads: plans for cutting staff.

●Prizner release = need for cops.

●Not just attrition-cheezit, here comes Ramos.

At this the tweets ended.

More when we have it.