Claremont Insider: Claremont Unified School District Drops the F-Bond!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Claremont Unified School District Drops the F-Bond!

District Shoots for an A, Gets an F,
Asks for Grade Change

Sometimes it's amazing what we hear. This came from a Los Angeles County employee who wanted us only to use that identification. We couldn't confirm the ID from the email address--it wasn't a County email--so we called a County office and confirmed the basics of the story. We were asked to re-write the events, so here goes:

You heard it first here: In the November 2010 election we will be voting on Claremont Unified School District Bond Measure CL.

But the story of how the measure came to be designated "CL" is an interesting one.

Apparently the proponent agency gets to request a letter designation for any measure it puts before the voters. In this case, CUSD, through an August 3rd letter from superintendent, Dr. Terry Nichols, requested the letter 'A'. For many reasons, the requested letter might be unavailable, and that was the case here. So the County elections officials provisionally assigned the the CUSD Bond measure the letter 'F'.

The CUSD Bond was the F-Bond!

This was an especially low blow, since Nichols apparently had some visceral aversion to the letter 'F'. Our informant quotes his letter to the election official: "If possible, the District would like to request the measure letter designation of 'A'. If not possible, the District requests that we not be assigned the letter 'F'."

It seems this letter designation lasted through at least Friday afternoon, August 13th (unlucky for some).

Our informant is a little hazy on the sequence of events after that but somehow, probably as a result of several frantic calls between the County offices and the School District, presumably with Superintendent Nichols pleading for a higher grade--"But I did most of my homework on time...", "It was Lisa that was making noise, not me..."I got C's on almost every test..."You didn't tell us we would be tested on that..."Hilary has my papers..." Well, the County relented, and Terry gets to take a brand shiny 'CL' home on his report card. And that will be the Bond measure's letter designation: Measure CL.

We're not sure* what 'CL' stands for.



Certain Loser?

We don't suppose there is any reclama with the County, but we'd like to have Measure F back.

It is with a good deal of wistful regret that we lament the passing of the prosodic possibilities of a Measure F: "CUSD GET'S AN 'F' ON THIS ONE"...... "FAILURE IN STORE FOR CUSD MEASURE F"...... "WTF?".

* * * * *

*Yeah, we know; it's probably CLaremont. CLever. We really do think everyone should continue to call it the F-Bond.

H/T to our County informant. Luvya.