Claremont Insider: Robocop

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


One of our readers wrote us to say that they received an automated "robocall" saying that they should talk to their councilmembers and tell them a crime wave was going to sweep over Claremont if the City Council doesn't accede to the contract demands of the Claremont Police Officers Association.

Apparently, the CPOA's attorney/negotiator Dieter Dammeier and his political action committee COPFIRE are still playing their games ahead of tonight's City Council meeting in which the council is going to consider imposing a one-year contract on the CPOA.

DATE: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 9:32 AM
TO: Claremont Buzz
SUBJECT: Automated Phone Call


Don't know if you received one, but I got an automated phone message yesterday telling me that I needed to attend the next neighborhood meeting with council members and tell them that Claremont will be over-run with crime if we don't give police officers everything they're asking for. I didn't have the patience to listen to the whole message, but it was basically repeating the same dribble found in the COPFIRE letter.

The council meeting starts at 6:30pm in the council chambers at 225 Second St. and is also available via a video feed.