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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Claremont Art News

Fans of the Claremont Museum of Art, which closed last December, may want to know the museum lives on. When they closed, the CMA put its collection into storage with the idea of putting on exhibits in different places around the area.

The museum's website says they reorganized in April:

April 2010: The Board of Directors is working to reorganize the Claremont Museum of Art. We have lost our museum space, but there is still much we can do to promote the arts in Claremont. Our permanent collection has been securely stored and we have a dedicated group of volunteers building our “Museum without Walls”.

The website also has an announcement of a fundraiser this Friday evening at the Padua Hills Theatre. Ticket are $35, and it includes a raffle that includes artworks from Karl Benjamin, Millard Sheets, and other Claremont artists.

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Art of the written sort has also been on exhibit in the Claremont Village. One of our readers wrote in to say that though it's not yet open, the new Cheese Cave on Yale Ave. has been tantalizing poetry lovers with a community poetry wall.

The reader sent this message:
....the cheese cave poetry window is getting more and more ridiculous. And by ridiculous, I mean awesome. you should really stop by and have a gander. :-)

Poetry loving fromagephiles should take a look. Since the owners posted their original greeting, they've posted a number of responses, from rhymed poetry,

to Hello Kitty haiku,

to prose (or should we say prosaic?) poems.

So, whether you like your verse verbose or sublime, check out the front window at the Cheese Cave.

We await the opening of our new cheesemonger,
but, please, let the verse linger a while longer.