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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Insider's Got No Game

Bravos and Brickbats Department

We received the following email over the weekend:

Chandler Hill
Sent: Sat, May 22, 2010 1:19:05 PM
Subject: Get back to work

So have your prolific posts come down to old, warmed-over crime summaries from other blogs? What's up with you all? Get called to the principal's office? Dog been eating your stories? Getting too old for this s**t? You all vanish for months and months, then come back like you're recovering from a brain injury. Hey--I love you dudes. This here's some tough love that is necessary.

For example:
Krickl reported on one other recent crime story involving a prowler in a home on the 1100 block of Morningside Dr. On May 5, a resident whose sleep was disturbed by strange noises discovered the prowler in the bedroom of his seven-year-old daughter. The prowler fled on foot, but CPD officers were later able to identify a suspect.

The police ended up arresting a 17-year-old Claremonter who lived in the same area as the home on Morningside Dr.

Now you know there's a story here. Ain't on Krickl's RADAR. Ain't in the local print papers. Think of all the parents with children in this city who want to know what the real story is. Why was this suspect in the bedroom? Why repeatedly? Was this a sex crime? A stalking? A wingnut? Someone the family knew? Someone with parents of their own with the juice the keep the story quiet? Maybe it is less nefarious than any of this ... but the complete lack of any explanation makes one wonder ...

... and if you guys don't go dogging for the answers, then who will? I mean really. Get back on the horse that threw you ... or sell the old nag to the glue factory and call it a day.

C. Hill

We were inclined to swallow our medicine and accept the critique until we remembered that the SAME GUY had posted last Fall on The David Allen Blog:

chandler hill said:

Good riddance. That blog had its moments but the bottom line was it was nothing but snarky, the bloggers hid like cowards behind anonymity, and were afraid to allow responses.

Now, either Chandler is recovering from a brain injury of his (her) own or he (she) is not being careful to align the temporal substance of his (her) comments.

* * * * *

In any event, given C. Hill's incisive and perceptive comment on our laziness, there is not much hope for this correspondent, in an e-mail received on Monday:

From [redacted]

I have been trying to find out what all of the activity was about the afternoon of Friday, May 21st. There were several police cars and ambulances on Scottsbluff just off of Mills. I have been searching on-line and have not seen any information. I came upon it on my attempt to get home and saw a man handcuffed on the ground. I would love if you could do some digging!!! No news sites seem to have any information regarding the happenings of that afternoon. Thank you!


We dunno. And we're probably too lazy to find out. See above. Maybe the Courier will cover it.