Claremont Insider: Pervert in South Claremont

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pervert in South Claremont

A reader sent us a troubling email late this week relating two incidents of a Peeping Tom at her apartment window near the corner of San Jose and Mountain in South Claremont.

She tells it:

The first incident occurred on Thursday night last week at about 10:45 pm at the Village Apartments on San Jose and Mountain. A man stood starring at me with his face pressed against my bedroom window while I screamed at the top of my lungs for about 5 seconds. The person did not vanish until my roommate entered the room in response to my fear stricken screams.

Unfortunately we did not get a good look at the person, other than his fair skin, young complexion (early twenties), dark brown eyes, dark brown short/balding hair.

There has been a police report filed with Claremont PD, but I received a letter shortly after stating that there were not enough facts to continue with an investigation.

The officers that responded last Thursday [a week ago] were prompt in arriving to the apartment, first searched the area for any suspicious loiterers, but found nothing and soon came to question me. They also looked around the exterior of my bedroom window were the peeper stood crouched next to a bush and in plain sight of my neighbors front windows. The officers found no footprints, and soon left.

As if this wasn't enough, it happened again a couple of days ago:

To our horror, the peeper returned again last night, this time, violating my roommate as she laid in bed. We have been making every effort to keep every crevice shut in our ground floor apartment, but it seems that the peeper has found the shallow window sills and cracks in our blinds, revisiting us twice now, maybe more?

I plan on following up with Claremont PD today with an extended description of the peeper based on what my roommate was able to see, however, it is again very limited in details, and I doubt it will be enough or of any importance to local authorities to pursue.

So, whaddya do? Wet down the planter area so tracks are left? Spread dog waste around to make it your window area unappealing? Keep a digital camera at hand and hope you have the presence of mind to use it? Hey, we're not trained in law enforcement. But we do have our own ideas about what we'd do in a case like this:

Do not try this at home.