Claremont Insider: Helped Wanted, Part Two - UPDATED

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Helped Wanted, Part Two - UPDATED

As we indicated on Friday, the Claremont Unified School District's school bond campaign committee is looking to hire some able-bodied college students for its to work with its paid campaign consultant and its paid campaign manager in their "grassroots" Yes on CL effort.

We received a few emails from readers who were more than a little irritated by Yes on CL committee member Mike Seder's attempt at reaching out to his alma mater, Claremont McKenna College and CMC's Rose Institute, and we published a "Help Wanted" email from Rose fellow Douglas Johnson.

Johnson's email included this job description for the Yes on CL campaign manager position :

Campaign manager/field organizer – Claremont, CA, school bond measure.

Some political campaign experience or experience working with campaign volunteers preferred.

Irregular hours: >40 hrs/week through early November. Some evenings and weekends included.

Must have your own car. Laptop ideal but not necessary.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Coordinating communication between members of the campaign team, including campaign consultant, superintendent & district officials, steering committee, volunteers, fundraising team and other community leaders and activists.

[CUSD's superintendent and district officials are barred from working directly on the campaign. Yet, according to the campaign's own job description, the district seems to be directly in charge of the campaign. Someone needs to file a complaint with the state's Fair Political Practices Commission. -ed]

• Under direction of the campaign consultant, implementation of a field campaign operation staffed by volunteers. Field operations may include volunteer recruitment, scheduling and training, voter registration, phone banks and precinct walks, vote-by-mail drives, lawn sign distribution, staging free media events and getting out the vote (GOTV) activities.

• Working with members of the fundraising team to mail invitations,
request contributions, collect checks, write thank-you notes and hold events (if necessary).

• Coordinating with treasurer to ensure accurate and timely filing of campaign reports and other necessary forms.

• General day-to-day coordination and management of the campaign office, phone banks and other ongoing activities.

• Closing down campaign following election day, including the coordination of final fundraising reports, ensuring that campaign committee members and others are thanked appropriately and making arrangements to settle all outstanding campaign financial commitments.

Contact: Mike Seder,

UPDATED Sunday, September 12, 5:45pm:

The CMC connection for Mike Seder goes beyond his alumnus status. Seder's wife Diana is director of CMC's Career Services Center. As her CMC bio states, she "knows CMC and CMC students from start to finish."

Diana Seder
Oversees all Career Services programs and events

Diana’s long-standing relationship with higher education administration started in 1987 when she graduated with her MBA from Claremont Graduate School and was hired by the same program to be their Associate Director. In 1991, she became the Acting Director of the Claremont Graduate School Office of Career Services, and then came to work at the CMC Career Services Center in 1997. Interestingly, at different times she has held both the Associate Director (Recruiting) and the Associate Director (Internship) positions as year-long assignments, so she is very familiar with the operations of the CSC. Diana assumes her role as Interim Director after an 8-year tenure with the Office of Admissions at CMC. “I know CMC and CMC students from start to finish” she says.