Claremont Insider: Gloria Johnston Starts as CUSD Sup: On Holiday

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gloria Johnston Starts as CUSD Sup: On Holiday

A friend of ours went down to the CUSD offices to greet the new Interim Superintendent, Gloria Johnston on her first day of work in Claremont, Monday February 21, 2011. Remember the opening paragraph of the press release proclaiming Johnston's hire:

The Claremont Unified School District Board of Education voted to appoint Dr. Gloria Johnston as their Interim Superintendent of Schools at their February 17, 2011, Board meeting. Dr. Johnston will begin her service on Monday, February 21, 2011, replacing Dr. Terry Nichols who will become Superintendent in Duarte.

Surprisingly, by our friend's account, the District parking lot was empty except for a lone contractor dribbling what appeared to be some kind of pesticide on the plants in the parking-lot planters. The doors to the offices were locked tight. Returning home in puzzlement, our friend realized that this was Presidents' Day and, according to the CUSD calendar, school is not in session. And there is no administration going on either.

That got us to wondering, and this is small beer, we admit, why did the Board start Johnston's contract on a holiday? Couldn't it just as easily start tomorrow? If she was in the building, according to our friend, she walked or took public transit and broke into the building.

In any event, maybe the ink isn't dry on her contract and this discrepancy, worth $874 to the District, will be adjusted.

By the way, her Facebook page indicates she is well-regarded by 78 people, but backed the wrong horse, Larry Aceves, for State Superintendent of Schools. Tom Torlakson won. That can't be too good when she needs Tom to take a call from her on some Important School Matter.

One curiosity: when you click on her "Contact" information on her FB page, you get the dreaded 403 Forbidden error. Wonder why. appears to have some access issues.