Claremont Insider: Briefly Noted

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Briefly Noted

New Neighbors The Insider hears that soccer superstar David Beckham and his wife Victoria (Becks and Posh to the British tabloids) are coming to Claremont. It couldn’t be a better match. His hegira to California was widely reported earlier this year, but now we know Claremont is the lucky town.

Beckham will bring needed star quality and celebrity status to the effort to complete Padua Park. His legendary “golden” right foot should have no trouble knocking that one into the goal.

Posh will have the perfect place to resurrect her Spice Girl singing career at the Candlelight Pavilion. Is “Forever Lace” in the offing?

This is not about the $250 million over five years that gets endless and tactless play in the press. Beckham said in January, “There are so many [American] kids that play baseball, American football, basketball. But soccer is huge all around the world apart from America, so that’s where I want to make a difference with the kids.” It's for the kids.

Rumor has it that Becks and Posh have already contacted a pair of local realtors--you have probably seen their pictures on your shopping carts. Look for the moving van soon in your neighborhood.

Another Move? Talking about moving, the Insider's sources tell us that newly-elected council member Sam Pedroza is about to flee South Claremont. He has told friends privately that just as soon as he was elected to city council he was going to move to north Claremont. Guess it will be up to Mike Maglio to carry the torch for our friends south of First Street.

This from Indio Shortly after decamping to the desert two years ago, former Claremont City Manager Glenn Southard approached his strong right arm, his assistant Bridget (the Hammer) Healy. Southard said, "Bridget, I need your wisdom, your counsel, your help, your guidance. Why is it that everybody here in Indio and in City Hall seems to take an instant dislike to me? " She paused, looked at him and said, "because it saves time, Glenn."

A Little Help from my Friends This advertisement was seen in the most recent number of the LA Weekly. No further comment.

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