Claremont Insider: Long Live the Queen!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Long Live the Queen!

A New Year means there will be a new mayor in a few short months. Employees at City Hall are quaking in fear of the next mayor, Ellen Taylor, who's been licking her chops at the chance to lord her power over the peons toiling in the fields of the Planning Department, the Human Services Department, the Claremont police force, and every other other city agency.

Assuming she has the support of two of her fellow councilmembers, Taylor will take over the mayor's office from Peter Yao. Last year, Yao, made a deal with Taylor's people that allowed Yao to retain the mayor's post for a second year so that Yao could preside over Claremont's Centennial. In return, Taylor gets to be mayor this year so that she can use the position to run her re-election campaign for 2009.

Taylor has something of a reputation for imperiousness and arrogance and has rubbed a lot of folks, even some of her own supporters, the wrong way. The thinking here is that, as she did at the January 8th city council meeting, Taylor will use every opportunity she can to make her petty power plays.

Ellen Taylor shows off her winning ways. Let's see that again!

In preparation for her coronation, Taylor has been busying herself commissioning a sceptre and signet ring for the office.

We have be unable to confirm if Taylor intends to call in all the nobles in the Claremont 400 and the Claremont League of Women Voters and have them pledge their fealty. Taylor has also been rumored to be mulling over abolishing elections and installing herself as "Mayor for Life."

Expect her to try to silence public critics and to take the mayorship back to the days of former mayor Paul Held, who was known for his temper and for turning beet red if he heard something he didn't like.

While she waits to assume the position of mayor, Taylor has been getting fitted with all the accoutrements of power.

Lookout, Claremont!

LEFT: Claremont Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Taylor prepares to take the reins at City Hall, beginning with a fashion makeover. Taylor to be addressed as "Ma'am," reserves right to coin currency bearing her image.