Claremont Insider: More on Claremont 10th Street Beating

Friday, January 23, 2009

More on Claremont 10th Street Beating

This morning's Inland Valley Daily Bulletin has a Melissa Pinion-Whitt article on the beating of 61-year old Vince Gottuso of Claremont inside his home on the 700 block of west 1oth Street.

Ms. Pinion-Whitt says that Robert Jones, 20, living on the 400 Block of east Foothill, and a 16-year old who is unidentified because of his age were confronted by Mr. Gottuso Tuesday morning as they were burglarizing his home.

More details of the crime as information unfolded can be found here, here, and here.

The arrest came after police found a stolen item in the possession of one Kenyata Harris, 32, of Pomona, who was then arrested on suspicion of receiving stolen property. Nothing in the article about what the stolen item was, how police connected it to the burglary, or any other details. We are thinking, "Pawnshop", but could be wrong.

The arrest of Harris led police to arrest Jones and the teenager, who were acquaintances. Sounds to us as if he gave them up after being plied with treacle and warm tea with milk at a party arranged in his honor just for the purpose.

Tony Krickl said yesterday that the Claremont PD conducted surveillance, interviewed witnesses, and processed forensic evidence on their way to nabbing Jones and the teenager.

Jones is now living at the Claremont city jail and the teenager was booked into a juvenile facility.

Jones will be arraigned Monday in Pomona.

Krickl also reported yesterday that Gottuso was doing better but that there would be a long road ahead to recovery. We wish him well. As of yesterday, he was still in intensive care, but the family was expecting--hoping--that he would be home within a week.