Claremont Insider: Obama in Claremont?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama in Claremont?

We took note earlier of the visit of President Barack Obama to Pomona on Thursday. From what we hear, it's lucky we were not trying to drive on the "eerily empty freeways" between Beverly Hills and the Pomona Valley. Pomona Neighborhood Watch posted a picture of the presidential limousine driving in Pomona to the electric car battery factory on East End:

No Potemkin Village in Pomona.
Houses have garbage cans; deal with it.

Although it surprisingly went unnoticed in the press, the President's peregrinations took him through Claremont as well. Herewith a photographic record--another Insider exclusive:

No Potemkin Village here, either;
roadwork in front of Claremont High School goes on.

Councilmember and Democrat Larry Schroeder
looks for a little love from the Pres.

A quick run by the Mayor's house; he's not home.
"Driver, let's cruise La Verne!"