Claremont Insider: Mailbag: Queen Ellen

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mailbag: Queen Ellen

A reader wrote in with a response to our post about the April 25th coverage Claremont Mayor Ellen Taylor received in The Student Life, Pomona College's student newspaper:

TSL is notorious for just accepting what they are told by speakers. I am sure they don't remember (or maybe even knew) about the 2005 [Claremont City Council] race and all the animus it created. I am sure they won't check the facts on the Johnson's Pasture issue, or the preposterous claim that Ellen is being picked on because she is a strong woman.

We have had several strong women on the council, and they never whined about being picked on just because they were strong women but rather because there were people in this city that just did not like what they were doing while they were on council. Man (or woman ) up, Ellen, and take the hits for the bone-headed and self-destructive things you do. If you can't take the heat.......