Claremont Insider: CMA Art Happenings

Friday, July 17, 2009

CMA Art Happenings

Time to take a look at what's going on at the Claremont Museum of Art. The retrospective of Claremont artist James Hueter at the Claremont Museum of Art continues for one more week:

James Hueter, Reflections: Blue Triangle Left,
1992, Oil on wood, glass, 24 x 32 in.
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James Hueter: A Retrospective surveys Hueter's art from his early realist and surrealist paintings, through a long period of investigating and refining hybrid forms of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, and architecture. The exhibition culminates with recent works that meld all of these disciplines, exploring multi-faceted realms of representation and illusion. With more than 75 works on view, new generations will discover an artist of diligent devotion to a vision sustained through decades of experimentation, refinement, and perseverance.

This is the first such exhibition to examine the entire range of James Hueter's unique artistic vision, realizing a core mission of the Claremont Museum of Art to celebrate the region's rich artistic heritage through in-depth exhibitions of its most prominent local heroes.

The next scheduled exhibit, featuring new additions to CMA's permanent collection, opens September 20.

CMA will also hold its Sunday Family Art Day this weekend. The event is open to everyone, young and old:
Sunday, July 19, Noon to 3pm
It’s A Puzzle!

Turn your very own artwork into a puzzle. Children and adults will begin with a blank puzzle template and draw or paint a masterpiece, or write a secret message to send to a friend. Very cool. As always, it’s free!

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