Claremont Insider: Deny! Deny! Deny!--UPDATED

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Deny! Deny! Deny!--UPDATED

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Our previous post didn't even mention what has become a ritual agenda item at City Council, the traditional Denial Of The Claim. The hapless citizen this time was one James Tripp III, whose car was apparently towed and impounded. Every time there is a claim, the City denies it. Go back through several months of City Council agenda items and you will see that this is so. We post the relevant portion of the agenda item, with the ritual imprecation circled.

This was brought to mind by the confluence of the above-mentioned claim and a Youtube video that is making the rounds. The video is the singer's way to publicize unfair handling of a claim he had with United Airlines over damage to his guitar.

Certainly this piece will resonate with anyone who has ever had to deal with a large organization whose bureaucratic default mode is "NO".

Give the song thirty seconds and chances are you'll be listening to it more than once. And remember the only reason we haven't had such a song written about Claremont is that no one has bothered. God knows there is enough material.

UPDATE: Mirabile dictu, last night the City Council actually accepted Mr. Tripp's claim and agreed to pay the towing/impound charge. It was a unanimous call. We take full credit for this.

Not that Council actually would have seen our post; they would've had to have been hitting "refresh" on their browsers during the closed session that preceded last night's meeting, and we don't believe that was happening--except maybe Sam Pedroza.

No, it's more a Karma thing. When people are called out, when a tree falls in the forest, the Universe shudders.