Claremont Insider: Mailbag

Monday, July 13, 2009


We received an email from a reader who noted more than a wee bit of hypocrisy from Claremont League of Women Voters Action VP Ellen Taylor. Taylor had an opinion piece on global warming in yesterday's Daily Bulletin.

You may have noticed the former Claremont mayor using her LWV position to try to rehabilitate her image with a series of white papers on various issues. Taylor has been sending these into the local papers with some regularity. (Glad to see Ellen's gotten over her irregularity, it might explain her smiles since leaving office.)

If you paid careful attention when Taylor ran for the Claremont City Council in 2005, in the months leading up to that election she did a similar thing with long letters to the Claremont Courier on various public interest issues. Whatever the merits of her arguments, she may just be running another kind of Ellen-centric campaign.

In any case, here's our reader's note:

DATE: Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:06 AM
SUBJECT: Ellen and LWV Positions on Science
TO: Claremont Buzz

Dear Buzz,

In the Sunday (07-12-09) Daily Bulletin Section B1 (front page), Ellen Taylor as Action VP for Claremont area LWV has a statement supporting the "cap-and-trade" Bill now being debated in U.S. Congress. She is invoking scientific evidence for global warming. She says "the scientific evidence is clear that climate change ... is here now." She further states: "It is our nation's responsibility to take immediate action to curb the environmental and public health damages ..." This is the same woman (on Claremont City Council) and the LWV who would not accept scientific evidence that children living within 500 feet of a freeway develop lung and other respiratory health problems. They insisted on locating affordable housing for low and lower income families at the Base Line and Towne site, despite the EIR identified health issues. Can you say hypocrisy and double talk?