Claremont Insider: LA Times Blog On Mayor Pro Tem Taylor

Friday, March 21, 2008

LA Times Blog On Mayor Pro Tem Taylor

The Los Angeles Times blog LA Now has a post by writer Jesus Sanchez on the story of Claremont Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Taylor confronting some Girl Scouts in front of Taylor's office building in the Claremont Village.

Sanchez noted that the police did come out to the scene, but got there after the girls and their adult leaders had left:

Taylor did call the Claremont Police Department, which dispatched an officer to the scene only to find the Girl Scouts and their adult chaperones gone. The parents said they packed up to avoid a confrontation.

"If she came out with a smile on her face instead of threatening us and threatening to call the police, we would have been more understanding," said parent Maya West.
We haven't yet decided what side we're on. Perhaps after another Thin Mint.

To those of you first-time readers clicking over from the Times' website, we in Claremont sincerely apologize for Taylor's boorish behavior and for the fact that she will be appointed mayor Tuesday, March 25th, at the next Claremont City Council meeting.

It is, unfortunately, not an isolated instance for the Mayor Pro Tem. All you have to do is watch a video of her running a recent meeting on affordable housing to see how she treats people who think differently than her. Taylor will be worse after Tuesday, though right now she's on her hands and knees in supplication to the town fathers and mothers (known here as the "Claremont 400") promising that she'll be on her best behavior. Until after she's Mayor, that is.

The funniest thing of all is that the 400 will buy into it. There's no real explaining it. That's just the way things are done here.