Claremont Insider: She's a Wonder

Monday, March 17, 2008

She's a Wonder


IN the early part of the 21st Century, the town of Claremont faces certain destruction from marauding bands of street gangs and thugs. Crime is rampant, and law-abiding citizens fear to walk the streets alone.

Into this breach steps Queen Ellen Taylor of the Amazons from the tribe's secret refuge on remote Paradise Island. Armed with her Lasso of Truth and her bullet-deflecting, indestructible power bracelets, Ellen, in the guise of her alter ego Wonder Ellen, comes to the aid of the beleaguered Claremont Police Department and honest but bumbling Chief Paul Cooper to defend Claremonters from the forces of evil.

In our latest installment, Wonder Ellen fended off a gang of vicious pre-teen girls who were harassing innocent pedestrians and motorists. The youthful criminals possessed magic biscuits, which they tried to use to mesmerize their victims into giving the gang money. When Wonder Ellen intervened, the gang's leaders, two adult women, tried to counter Ellen's powers but were no match for our heroine's mighty cunning and righteousness.

Wonder Ellen's good deeds win her the everlasting approval of Claremont's grateful town elders, who unanimously elect her Mayor.

NEXT TIME: Ellen joins forces with the Justice League of Women Voters and squashes a Jamboree!