Claremont Insider: I can haz Clairmont curry, er?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I can haz Clairmont curry, er?

Claremont Courier Online's Police Blotter page describes a December 10 car accident in which a 68-year-old woman mistook the gas pedal "with" the brake and crashed into a traffic light on Indian Hill, destroying a "steal" bench.

Was it a cost-efficient bench that the city got for a great deal? Can one steal a bench like one steals second base? Or is the bench simply irresistable to those of the five fingered discount persuasion?

Like the thief who held a gun at his "waste," the "steal" bench in the Courier remains a Claremont oddity.

Mayor Ellen Taylor is quoted in the Courier piece using the incident as Exhibit X in her ongoing Cookiegate defense. But Girl Scouts want to steal benches? It's all so confusing.

Editors at the Courier, please read this website: Common Errors in English. Unlike a $50,000 slogan for the city, proofreading using a website is free! (although, maybe that's the point... a newspaper in the "City of Trees and Ph.D.s" really shouldn't have this many spelling errors)