Claremont Insider: The Marijuana Wars

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Marijuana Wars

These are strange times in Claremont, or maybe it's just the herb that's strange.

Former Claremont Mayor Al Leiga had an opinion piece in last Wednesday's Daily Bulletin and in yesterday's Claremont Courier. Leiga took to task the City Council majority that voted 3-2 to go forward with a city ordinance allowing medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Leiga piece struck us as a bit odd because in the March 2007 city election Leiga had endorsed two of the councilmembers, Linda Elderkin and Sam Pedroza, who voted with Councilmember Ellen "The Slapper" Taylor to allow the dispensaries.

The piece was also odd because of the reasoning Leiga used:

Unfortunately, it seems that some council members thought the absence of a massive showing against the dealer was a sign of acceptance. That was a poor assumption, based on what many people have told me.

While Leiga's take on things may be true, it certainly is at odds with his own behavior on council - for instance, his support while on the council of the Landscaping and Lighting District assessment, for which there is wide community opposition.

Still, it was refreshing to see Leiga step up and question a council decision, and we do have to respect that dissent.