Claremont Insider: Belle Newman Hands City Hair Cutters Defeat

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Belle Newman Hands City Hair Cutters Defeat

At the Claremont City Council meeting two weeks ago, City Planner Belle Newman pushed the Claremont City Council to approve the banning of new personal care establishments at ground-floor locations in the Village. Here is a clip from the March 25, 2008 city council meeting where she gave the staff report. (We found ourselves a little bit distracted during the 3 minute clip)

Following the crazy procedure of general law cities in California, the action two weeks ago by city council, on a 4-0 vote, Taylor recused because of a conflict of interest, was effectively but not formally the last word.

Citizens could be excused for thinking that because it came up Tuesday, April 8, on the consent agenda, there might be some more consideration. There wasn't, but hair salon owner Nancy Lodolo spoke again pleading for council to have some sense. We give you her remarks in full. Which of course got no response from council except for a reiteration by Councilmember Calaycay of his grudging support for this measure (clip is just under 5 minutes).

Ya know what we think? We think this whole thing started a few years ago when Powell's Hardware closed and a beauty salon took over its retail location on Yale Avenue. That got a burr under someone's saddle--a Person of Authority--and what is the result in Claremont? Another regulation.