Claremont Insider: Claremont Conservative Blogger E-mail Hacked

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Claremont Conservative Blogger E-mail Hacked


People who correspond with Claremont McKenna student Charles Johnson were perhaps surprised by a Saturday morning message from him. The subject line read, "f*** all of you".

The message was along the same lines, "honestly, f*** off".

Charles Johnson is the CMC sophomore who started the Claremont Conservative blog last year.

While the Claremont Conservative takes on issues well beyond our sleepy little town, and has a decided political slant, it also occasionally deals with local issues, especially town and gown relations.

We have found Mr. Johnson unfailingly polite. So we were shocked--shocked--to see the above sentiments sent by him. It bothered us some though when we saw the signature block:

Ronald Mc Donald
Claremont Mens College

Hmmm, we thought to ourselves, could it be that Charles Johnson was hacked? After all, and could be really really clever takeoffs on the name of the blog, And the Ronald McDonald allusion? Isn't that a clown?

We were puzzled by the "Claremont Mens [sic] College" reference, but decided that was what is known as a Red Herring to throw investigators off the scent.

Also, we have never, ever, heard of Charles Johnson being awake at 10:38 a.m. on Saturday. The only way that would happen is if he had been up all night.

This hacking was most likely done by a student, probably one with access to some of the IT family jewels at the College. Or maybe Charles Johnson just had a really obvious password like, "wfbuckley", or "sarahbarracuda", or "mitt2008!". We wonder how much effort President Pamela Gann is going to put into solving this--dare we use the words that may not be said?--hate crime.

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We are impressed with the length of Mr. Johnson's email address list, even if some of his correspondents appear in it three times. How many of us have well-known Harvard law professors, editors of national publications, and other such luminaries in their contact lists? Too bad they all now think Mr. Johnson is a juvenile delinquent.