Claremont Insider: Sam He Is

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sam He Is

What with all of the important stuff at Tuesday's City Council meeting: raising trash rates with abandon, killing the leaf blower ordinance [Gentlemen, start your engines], making Thompson Creek Trail safe for dogs, banning smokers from City Parks, and making the first $100,000 payment on Community Services Director Scott Carroll's goof-up in bulldozing the Wilderness Park...what with all of this, what do we here at the Insider turn to? Ourselves, naturally, as anyone would.

We got a bit of mention during public comment when a Claremont citizen took it upon himself to lambaste the City Attorney for violating our free speech rights a year ago. Maybe it was a one-year anniversary thing, since the City Attorney's letter-writing campaign came to light in October of last year. This delayed-fuse google-bomb surprised City Attorney Sonia Carvalho. So much so that she burst into tears in apologizing for her letter to Google demanding that we be "terminated".

Just kidding; she really didn't cry. But we had one of those photo-caption contests here at Insider Central, and that caption won. In truth, not much was said.

* * *

This Insider reference and the one we now take up formed nice airy bookends to the substance of the meeting. At meeting's end Sam Pedroza gave a report about his excellent trip to a League of Cities symposium on Blogs.

Since he doesn't like to be filtered by the "local negative blog" (us) we present his report here, in full, in his own words, with the very least editorial comment we could possibly restrain ourselves to make.

Sam on Blogs, 2:24 video clip