Claremont Insider: Xavier Alvarez in Court Again

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Xavier Alvarez in Court Again

This time it was only briefly, to have his arraignment delayed until December 4th.

Yesterday's Daily Bulletin, in its Crime and Public Safety newsbriefs section, reported on the delay:

"Alvarez, 50, stared ahead with his hands folded in front Tuesday morning at Pomona Superior Court. Alvarez ws charged Sept. 19 with misappropriating public money, insurance fraud, and grand theft of personal property. Alvarez--who represents south Pomona on the water board and was elected in 2006--reportedly placed his ex-wife, Juanita Ruiz, on his insurance from Jan. 24 to Oct. 31, 2007."

Last week, according to an October 15 story, Alvarez had taken a "tough guy" approach with Will Bigham of the Bulletin: "When asked by a reporter whether he intended to plead not guilty at his arraignment next week, Alvarez said: 'Why don't you go on the court date and find out?' "

For those just joining this story, Xavier Alvarez is the local Three Valleys Municipal Water District director who was fined and sentenced in July of this year under the Stolen Valor Act for claiming that he had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He hadn't.

The DA Public Integrity Section had been on this insurance business which arose in the course of the scrutiny Alvarez received for his medal claims.

(We have covered the mustachioed malingerer many times over the past year, for example here for an early one, and here for a search of this blog for posts relating to Xavier.)

We have already commented on Alvarez's bio on the Three Valleys website. It was substantially downsized last summer and we think that is unfair. We think, since Three Valleys sees fit to disclaim the information presented in the biographies anyway, that the directors should be allowed to put up anything they want. We would like to see this one for Alvarez:

parody alert for the humor-challenged