Claremont Insider: Belated Pictures of Yorba Linda Fire

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Belated Pictures of Yorba Linda Fire

These pictures came our way from a friend of the mother-in-law of a neighbor of the dentist of an acquaintance. They were taken on Saturday, shortly after the fire started in Santa Ana Canyon. The only attribution that we have is that the photog was "Taylor". Our kudos for some very dramatic pictures. From what we can tell, a neighborhood in northeast Yorba Linda is depicted. It is especially sobering that there is no emergency equipment to be seen. We are reminded of similar scenes that must have occurred in Claremont during the October 2003 Grand Prix fire, where some 15 homes were damaged or destroyed in Claraboya, nine in Padua Hills, and 43 of 47 in Palmer Canyon.