Claremont Insider: Required SEC Statement, Claremont Insider

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Required SEC Statement, Claremont Insider

Forward-Looking Statements:

The information on this blog contains “forward-looking” statements. Actual results or outcomes may differ materially from those expressed or implied. As time passes, the relevance and accuracy of forward-looking statements contained on this blog may change. The Blog currently does not intend to update any particular forward-looking statement except as it deems necessary. Please refer to earlier posts for a summary of key risk factors that could affect actual results or outcomes. Factors that might affect the news posting segment of the Claremont Insider are: fluctuation in consumer and customer demand; competitive blog posting, pricing and substitution; the weather; fruit, vegetable and fishing yields; industry productive capacity and competitive activity; lack of productivity improvement or production cost reductions; regulatory action or laws, Sonia Carvalho, or restrictive legislation, such as recycling laws; availability and cost of raw materials, energy and transportation; the ability or inability to pass on to customers changes in these costs, particularly resin, steel and aluminum; pricing and ability or inability to sell scrap; and international business risks (including foreign exchange rates) particularly in the United States, Europe and in developing countries such as China and Brazil. Factors that may affect the parody segment or business are: funding, authorization and availability of government contracts and the nature and continuation of those contracts; and technical uncertainty associated with parody segment contracts. Factors that could affect the Blog as a whole include those listed plus: successful and unsuccessful acquisitions, joint ventures or divestitures and the integration activities associated therewith including the integration and operation of the business of the Foothill Cities Blog; the inability to purchase common stock; regulatory action or laws including those related to corporate governance and financial reporting, regulations and standards, business consolidation investment costs and the net realizable value of assets associated with the Blog’s activities; goodwill impairment; changes in generally accepted accounting principles or their interpretation; litigation; antitrust, intellectual property, consumer and other issues; strikes; boycotts; increases in various employee benefits and labor costs, specifically pension, medical and health care costs incurred in the countries in which The Claremont Insider has operations; rates of return projected and earned on assets of the Blog's defined benefit retirement plans; interest rates and level of company debt; terrorist activities, war or catastrophic events; and U.S. and foreign economic conditions.