Claremont Insider: Pomona College News

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pomona College News

The Student Life, the newspaper published by Associated Students of Pomona College, reports that Pomona College senior have received 16 Fulbright fellowships, tops among US liberal arts colleges. The article by news associate Sarah Higley says:

For the second year in a row, Pomona has topped the list of liberal arts colleges receiving the most Fulbright fellowships awarded to its seniors. The graduating Class of 2008 received 16 of the fellowships, not including a student who received an award but turned it down and [an] alumni who come [sic] back to use college resources in their application process.

Following Pomona [among liberal arts schools] were Smith College with 15 fellowships awarded, Swarthmore with 12, and Pitzer with 11. Scripps received five, and CMC, three.

According to Paula Goldsmid, Director of the Graduate Fellowships Office, the Pomona Fulbright program has used increased publicity to greatly expand the program over the past four or so years.

"More people succeed, and that encourages other people," she said.

Goldsmid added that she thought that many Pomona students are attracted to Fulbrights because of shared values of community service and the flexibility they offer.

TSL's Higley also has an article about the final Pomona Alma Mater forum. The Alma Mater has become controversial because it was allegedly written for a minstrel show in 1910. Higley's article says:
On Sunday, the Colleges Songs Committee hosted a student meeting, the last of three forums to gather community input before forming a recommendation on the future of the Alma Mater "Hail, Pomona! Hail" and "Torchbearers." The faculty and staff forum was held last Friday, Oct. 24, and alumni had a chance to give their opinions last spring. The student forum that took place on Sunday, Oct. 26, on the other hand, was closed to the public.

In a separate article, TSL reports that Pomona alumna Rosemary Choate has submitted a report to the college that says that there is a lack of documentation to show that the Alma Mater was written specifically for the minstrel show. You can read Choate's report here.