Claremont Insider: School Bond News

Saturday, July 24, 2010

School Bond News

Wes Woods II reports today on Thursday's Claremont Unified School District Board of Education meeting where the board voted 4-1 to approve putting a bond of up to $95 million on the November 2 ballot.

Woods quoted a mother of CUSD students as being against the current bond after having supported the last one in 2000:

Parent Kathy Yeager said she was an "enthusiastic supporter" of the 2000 measure Y bond measure, but later "realized we had been duped."

Projects were scaled back or not undertaken, said Yeager, who is a Parent Faculty Association member at Chaparral Elementary School and El Roble Intermediate School.

Yeager also criticized the lack of specifics on the bond, for which no project have been listed, and she said CUSD mismanaged the Measure Y money.

Someone named Bill Fox as speaking in favor of the bond at the board meeting. We recall that a Michael K. Fox and his Rancho Cucamonga company Fox Transportation donated a total $10,000 to the Measure Y campaign. We do not know if they bear any relation to Bill Fox.

Woods also gave some unintentional support for bond proponents. Woods wrote that Measure Y was "a $12.5 million school facilities bond." At $48.9 million, Measure Y actually was four times the amount Bulletin readers will think it was.

CUSD assistant superintendent of business services Lisa Shoemaker was quoted as saying she had no idea how much the campaign would cost. A check of campaign finance records for Measure Y showed that proponents spent $81,386.77 on the Yes on Y campaign. That was by far the most money ever spent on a Claremont election.

As we have noted before, the majority of that money came from businesses that were potential contractors with CUSD.