Claremont Insider: California's Hickiest Town

Thursday, December 6, 2007

California's Hickiest Town

Victorville gets a lot of ribbing from Southern Californians and Claremonters who look down their long noses at our high desert friends.

In June we wrote about former Claremont Mayor Sandra Baldonado, who had some choice words for Victorvillians at a 2005 City Council meeting. Like a lot of the Claremont 400 and a number of Claremont League of Women Voter members, Sandy had a veneer of civility underlaid with a real nasty streak. If you meet them in a social setting, with a glass of wine at an art show, say, they're wonderfully chipper and polite.

But cross them, and their true sides show. Most people never get beyond the veneer, but scratch the surface and the true, inner nature comes out.

A couple days ago, Victorville Daily Press writer Ryan Orr picked up on the Baldonado audio clip we posted a YouTube back in June, and the FC Blog has more on the subject. Orr's column had this reaction to Sandy:

As an Apple Valley resident I can remain relatively objective here, but I’m not sure who should be more offended, Victorville residents, or West Virginia residents? Last time I checked, Claremont is no paradise.

The YouTube clip's gotten several comments from current and former Victorville residents:

We lived in Claremont for several decades until recently moving to... you guessed it... West Virginia - where a person exhibiting Ms. Baldonado's conduct would be pitied for her obvious lack social education and Southern Manners. In the South, good manners are extended to everyone, regardless of whether you know them or where they live. There's a saying in the South, "Good manners don't cost you anything, but the lack of them may cost you dearly."


What a idiot. What kind of a Mayor is she? Not only is she putting down all of us in Victorville, but also West Virginia.

To answer the second comment, Sandy was a Claremont 400 mayor in the mold of her friend and current Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Taylor or former Mayor Paul Held. Again, all nice people socially, all with deep mean streaks, all snobs.

For those who missed it, you can listen to Sandy letting her guard down. Here's the clip again: