Claremont Insider: Take a Seat, Sue

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Take a Seat, Sue

Sue Keith, Claremont's representative to the Citrus College Board of Trustees, in November won the Claremont 400's favorite kind of election: unopposed.

Pity the poor citizen foolish enough to challenge Keith, whose friendly, matronly photo belies a hardened meanness just one notch below that of current Claremont Councilmember Ellen Taylor.

After a hard fought non-battle, Keith, who has been one of the more virulent of the 400, is serving her third term. The Daily Bulletin ran what must of been a self-promotional press release for Keith in today's "Buzz" column.

The Bulletin noted that Keith is a past director of the Claremont League of Women Voters (no surprise there). She also helped found Claremont's Meals on Wheels. Balanced against her good works are her meddling in and manipulation of local affairs in the best Judy Wright tradition.

Have a seat, Sue, you've earned it.