Claremont Insider: Photo Op

Monday, December 3, 2007

Photo Op

Canan Tasci in the Daily Bulletin had a writeup of Saturday's unveiling of the PhotoBooth Community Art Project.

The project was commissioned by the Claremont Museum of Art and is the work of Bay Area artist Christopher Irion, who back in October set up a photo booth and took over 200 photos of area residents and put them into a 72-foot long mural installed between the College Heights Lemon Packing House and the new parking structure on 1st St.

Claremont Community Development Director Tony Witt (twice) and Human Services Deputy Director Mercedes Santoro are represented in the work ($330,000 in salaries in benefits - your tax dollars hard at work). Councilmember Sam Pedroza and his wife are also among the faces on display. A lot of ordinary folks appear as well.

The Bulletin also has a video of the unveiling and photos of the event on their website.