Claremont Insider: Back Home in Claremont

Friday, May 9, 2008

Back Home in Claremont

Insider Institute: Interior View
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It's always fun to get away, but it's even better to be back home. These trips through the space-time continuum take a lot out of us, not to mention the wallop we get when the electric bill from using the Insider Institute time machine (seen above) comes in.

We hope those of you who joined us on our trip back to 1984 Lausanne, Switzerland, enjoyed the journey and the art exhibit, and that you, like ourselves, are happy to be back in the land of Claremonters.

As with any trip, there were a few problems. Our hotel accommodations were less than satisfactory, but that's what you get when you try to do things on a budget. Speaking of budget items, the time machine gave us a few problems. We probably should have spent the extra money and upgraded to a model with a more secure passenger compartment. The thing's always giving us trouble, what with rocks, sticks, and the occasional rebar popping up in the cabin as we materialize.

Our intern, Jerry, had a little problem as we arrived back at the Insider Institute, but he should be fine after a few months of relaxing post-op recuperation. Memo to selves: we also need to rethink our healthcare benefits. At any rate, Jerry should be back shortly. He better, or we'll have to find a new intern.

Jerry has our last intern to thank for our time travel problems. His predecessor Beth was the genius who got the idea to find a discount machine after watching the movie "Napoleon Dynamite."

Lesson learned. You definitely get what you pay for: