Claremont Insider: Defending Claremont's (and the Insider's) Honor

Friday, July 4, 2008

Defending Claremont's (and the Insider's) Honor

One more visit to the mailbag....

One of our readers wrote in to comment on the Meanypants post over on LiveJournal. The reader takes umbrage at Meanypants' comments, defends Claremont and CGU, and also wants to throw us a shout out (thanks for that!):

Hello there,

That "meanypants" grad student is such a whiner! Grad schools excel at breeding complainers - please don't base your ideas of CGU students based on that one blog. I'm a grad student here at Claremont and I love being here. I just wanted to stand up for those of us grad students who make the best of a flawed school (and aren't they all flawed in some way?) and enjoy the randomness that is Claremont.

And speaking of random fun...I'd like to place some kind of shout-out to the Claremont Insider in the 4th of July parade. Do you have any ideas for something funny and subtle that those "in the know" would appreciate? I mean, besides a giant portrait of Queen Ellen? (which would be awesome, but which I suspect would get me thrown into toxic low-income housing off Baseline or maybe into the new Claremont Swamp with a pair of concrete shoes...)

Thanks, reader, for speaking up for our town (the town being distinctly separate from the people who run our town). Thanks, too, for the shout-out idea, though we wouldn't want to be the cause of your being thrown in the stocks.

Above: Public punishment, Claremont-style. Last used in January, 2005,
during Claremont's most recent witchhunt.

Be careful out there!