Claremont Insider: We're Still Going to Have Xavier Alvarez to Kick Around

Monday, July 21, 2008

We're Still Going to Have Xavier Alvarez to Kick Around

Xavier Alvarez "Remorseful"

"Rambo" Alvarez, the Three Valleys Municipal Water District Director who gained nationwide infamy for claiming to have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor will not go to jail for his crime. Will Bigham, in a noon article on the Daily Bulletin website, reports that Alvarez will get three years probation, pay a $5,000 fine, and do one year community service (Hey! Does this mean the Water Board meetings don't count as service to the community?). More here at the KNBC website.

Judge R. Gary Klausner declined to impose a term of probation (presumably recommended by the federal probation officer) of 5 months home detention. Such a term would have in all probability allowed the Three Valleys Board to declare his seat vacant, which they would have done after 90 days and 1 second, and would have allowed them to appoint a replacement--probably Luis M. Juarez, whom "Rambo" edged out by a vote count of 3854 to 3804 in the November 2006 election.

It is now apparent that the voters of Division I (South Pomona) will have to make the effort to recall Alvarez, or else suffer representation by this "remorseful" buffoon for another two and a half years.

Every area has it's own cross to bear: Claremont has Mayor Taylor of the Porcelain Convenience and South Pomona has Xavier Alvarez.

For your edification, we provide Xavier's official biography from the Three Valleys website. (note the disclaimer at the bottom which was placed on all directors' biographies after Xavier's prevarications hit the press).

(No word yet on whether the LA County District Attorney is going to pursue fraud charges against Alvarez for the some $4,000 he claimed for medical insurance for his former wife. He says he paid it back, so no harm no foul.)