Claremont Insider: Department of Found Art: Good Taste is Timeless

Monday, July 14, 2008

Department of Found Art: Good Taste is Timeless

Claremont is town devoted to public art. From the mural at the Village Expansion Parking lot to the marble sculpture featuring Claremont Folk Music Center Founder Charles Chase, the city of Claremont has sought to memorialize its storied past in elegant works of art that capture the essence of the subject.

To this splendid collection we add a photo from a reader who had a great find from the front yard of none other than our fearless leader, Claremont Mayor Ellen Taylor.

The image below is an actual photo of some real artwork displayed by Madame Mayor at her humble manor on 12th Street in the Claremont Village. Every queen needs a throne, as we hinted at last week, and Queen Ellen surely has hers:

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Some day, perhaps the mayor will have enough money to put up some walls and maybe a door with a cutout moon. Until then, watch in wonder as our Queen ponders the imponderable, and see what prompted German Chancellor Otto von Bismark to say, "Laws are like sausages: It's better not to see them being made."