Claremont Insider: The Earth Moved

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Earth Moved

[8:30 p.m. Last update of the day. Metrolink says that all track has been inspected, there is no damage, and all trains will run on time on Wednesday, July 30.

See the Foothill Cities Blog here for a picture of the broken glass at Pomona City Hall, and here for some interesting surveillance camera video at a San Dimas bicycle shop.]

[7:05 p.m.
Metrolink is showing a 30 to 45 minute delay on the San Bernardino train.]

[Update 6:00 p.m. Sometime in the past hour, KNBC went back to its regular programming. See the Daily Bulletin website for the latest on the earthquake. ]

[Update 4:47 p.m. KNBC still flogging this wall to wall. They are now showing a helicopter view from Newschopper 4 of the building shown in the image above. Richard Nunez was there first.]

[Update 3:35 p.m. See the
Goddess of Pomona for some exclusive pictures of damage to buildings in Pomona. Pics taken by Richard E. Nunez. Great work, Richard, and great work, Goddess!

Also, from a reader,

Channel 7 reported a dough mixer falling off a truck on its journey into the 42nd Street Bagelry...ABC news in Claremont for another story this AM and captured earthquake news from the Village...Pomona City Hall sustained damage with large glass exteriors shattering... Closed...]

[Update 3:09 p.m. Earthquake has been re-graded to magnitude 5.4 (from 5.8). Biggest casualty so far seems to be the Metrolink website, which has not responded in more than two hours. Reports have it that the trains that are running are only doing so at "restricted speeds". Expect a mess here and a late dinner if you are counting on the train.]

[Update 1:13 p.m. We hear that the Metrolink line is closed for inspection until further notice. Check the Metrolink site (site is being hammered right now) for further information. There have been
apparently erroneous reports of roof damage at the terminal at Ontario Airport. Some of the cell phone providers experienced a "mass calling event" and had connection problems immediately after the earthquake. Those seem to have cleared up.]

[12:06 p.m. Tuesday] If you were in Claremont at 11:42 Tuesday morning, you already know about the 5.8 magnitude (preliminary) centered near Carbon Canyon in the Chino Hills.

Early reports do not talk of damage, although it's hard to believe there is not broken glass somewhere.

We will update if there is any serious Claremont news to report. Listen up for a "Code Red" Robo-call from Police Chief Cooper or Mayor Taylor.

KNBC has live coverage as of noon.