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Friday, January 25, 2008

Claremont on Our Mind

Two news items this afternoon put us in mind of Claremont. First was a dramatic fire. When we saw the picture, it seemed as if at long last the behemoth along the south side of First Street between Indian Hill and College was meeting its fate. We don't wish anyone ill, of course, but the architecture is so Not Claremont. We even thought we saw the name of our city disappearing into the smoke and char at the top of the building,

We were wrong, certainly. It is actually a fire in a hotel in Las Vegas, and reports now have it put out.

And then there was a report of new technology on the medical marijuana front. We hope this link stays up, but for now see the video report on CBS News here. (there is a 15-second commercial preceding the video; wait it out.)

The report describes a vending machine for medical pot. Call us old-fashioned here at the Insider, but we more or less prefer our pharmacists to be dressed in something other than a tie-dyed T-shirt, hoodie, and a doo-rag.

Maybe pro-doper city council members Ellen Taylor, Linda Elderkin, and Sam Pedroza will be installing this machine in City Hall, to complement the new crack-house door in the City Hall lobby.

Or, in keeping with Elderkin's desire to have a respected non-profit run the Claremont operation, maybe Pilgrim Place will bid on it. To hear Pedroza talk, its the old retired missionaries who are clamoring to torch up a doobie. We also hear the Associated Students of Pomona College are interested in the franchise for the Smith Campus Center.

At the December 11, 2007 City Council meeting, medical marijuana advocates Darlene and David Matteson managed to stage a picture of themselves with the members of the city council. This is probably a picture you WON'T be seeing on the official City website. From left to right, Mayor pro tem Ellen Taylor, Councilmember Sam Pedroza, Mayor Peter Yao, David Matteson, Darlene Matteson, Councilmember Linda Elderkin, back of head of official photographer. This picture has NOT been modified (we are not above that sort of thing, but in this case we didn't do it). Councilmember Corey Calaycay (not pictured) had the innate good political sense to make sure the photographer's head was between him and the video camera.

Claremont City Council Pictured with Marijuana Advocates