Claremont Insider: Corrections

Saturday, January 12, 2008


We got an email from Vanessa Hua, the author of the San Francisco Chronicle article we poked fun on Thursday:

Thanks for taking the time to highlight my article. I enjoy reading your blog regularly.

However, I wanted to point out errors in your post. I'm not Riverside based. I live in Claremont, which the article states. Regarding your other concerns, please note that travel articles typically cover what is new in a locale and the village expansion and the hotel certainly fall under this criteria. There's no other agenda.

If you read the article closely you'll see there are several paragraph devoted to the "original" village, mentioning Viva Madrid, the Folk Music Center and more. In fact, most of the restaurants and all of the shops mentioned in the article are located in the village – not the expansion.



Our apologies to Ms. Hua. We got her Claremont location mixed up with her school, UC Riverside, which was listed on her website. Our mistake. We've corrected that.

As to our comments on her article, our original post said that "[Ms. Hua's] article pretty much centered on Village businesses," which it did. However, we could certainly see where the emphasis in the piece was on Old Village vs. Village Expansion.

Thanks to Ms. Hua for pointing out that the article was not commissioned by the city as part of its ad campaign. We had wondered when we saw the "Special to the Chronicle" note under the byline.

You can read Ms. Hua's article here.

As always, glad to clarify and correct any incorrect information.