Claremont Insider: Anthony Adams and Rain Gutters

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Anthony Adams and Rain Gutters

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Two advertising pieces made it onto our desk here at Insider Central in the past few weeks. One was from Assemblyman Anthony Adams. It wasn't really personal to Adams--it looked like something put out by the Assembly leadership. This piece had the weirdest lead-off question, coming from a Republican assemblyman: "1. Do you favor or oppose the State offering additional incentives for green jobs that benefit the environment and the economy?"

Yeah, that's our top priority for sure. Green jobs. Which is why we're pretty sure Adams had nothing to do with the production of the piece.

The other brochure came from a company that manufactures a patented rain-gutter cover. It wasn't the green-ness of this idea that caught our eye, nor was it any invidious comparison between Adams and a rain gutter.

Rather, it was the smiling people, chins and eyes slightly uplifted, in the one case happy that the State would be putting jobs first and in the other case happy that their rain gutters would remain clean. This must be something that is taught these days in Advertising School: smiling and attractive people will sell anything. It occurred to us that these photos were nearly interchangeable: neither really had much to do with the subject at hand. They sure looked similar to us.