Claremont Insider: Saving Your City

Friday, June 19, 2009

Saving Your City

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Claremont Mayor Pro Tem Linda Elderkin unknowingly received a promotion when she did a YouTube spot for a website called The site listed her as "Mayor Linda Elderkin."

Elderkin and three of her fellow councilmembers - Corey Calaycay (also described on the website as Mayor), Sam Pedroza, and Peter Yao - each taped short messages arguing against Governor Schwarzengger's budget proposal that would take $2 billion from money that is supposed to go to local governments.

You can find all four spots here.

Sam Pedroza's, incidentally, is by far the most watched of the four videos, but for some reason those hits are coming mostly from one residence on Cinderella Dr. in South Claremont.