Claremont Insider: Blue Flu Coming Today

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Flu Coming Today

An article in the Daily Bulletin warned of a possible flu outbreak in Southern California. Don't worry, though, unless you're a state employee, you don't have much exposure risk.

The Bulletin article says that state employees may stage a sick out today to protest ongoing furloughs and future job cuts:

"The blue flu hits Monday," said Fernando Gandera, a Caltrans employee in San Bernardino. "We're not taking this sitting down anymore." [Well, yes, it sounds like you are. -ed.]

Gandera, a local steward for the Service Employees International Union, which represents about 95,000 California employees, said about 1,500 workers in Southern California plan to take today off.

He has said employees will be coming down with either "blue flu" - a nickname derived from sick-outs called by police officers - or "grizzly flu" - a reference to the grizzly bear on California's flag.

"WE want to show the governor we're angry," he said. "The union is fed up, employees are fed up."

Sounds to us as if the SEIU may be overestimating its clout, especially in the wake of some serious recent scandals. SEIU members aren't the only ones fed up. The people who've been paying their salaries may yet have a say if they continue to overreach.