Claremont Insider: Local Blogger Locks Down, For Now

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Local Blogger Locks Down, For Now

David Allen writes that the Goddess of Pomona has restricted access to her blog, at least temporarily:

I e-mailed the Goddess to inquire and she said she'd shut the blog down of her own volition due to "anonymous attacks in the comments section of late. Especially after learning the source of the latest comments." She didn't elaborate, but said the attacks have made blogging "not so fun."

"So until I decide what to do, I've put a lock on the blog," she said.

That seems to be the major headache that comes with comments. Who really has the time to monitor them? And who wants to be responsible for someone else's speech? It's difficult enough policing one's self on one of these things. We go back and forth on the matter of comments. For now, though, we are open to your emails, so keep those electronic cards and letters coming.