Claremont Insider: Fountain Still Down

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fountain Still Down

A reader wrote in a couple weeks ago to ask what was wrong with the fountain in the Claremont Village Expansion plaza in front of the Laemmle Theatre. The fountain has been dry since April due to some problems with the pump system. A pump part failed, causing some flooding in the vault housing the equipment.

The City is working on getting the system fixed, and City Manager Jeff Parker's April 28 public report said the City expected the repairs to take few weeks. Here's Parker's blurb on the fountain work:


The Plaza fountain will be out of service for approximately 2-3 weeks while repairs are being made. A water valve broke in the control vault, flooding the room. Although water valve failure of this type is very unusual, modifications will be made to prevent this from occurring again in the future.

Parker had an update on May 22, saying the City expected the repair work to be completed by early June. Parker said a part had to be custom-ordered and that slowed the repairs. As of yesterday, the fountain was still dry, so there may have been a further delay.