Claremont Insider: The Allen Who Would Be King

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Allen Who Would Be King

David Allen had a comment on his blog about a recent LA Times article on North Korean ruler Kim Jong Il. Allen mentioned how North Koreans are required to keep portraits of Kim and his late father in their homes and that people are fined if the portraits aren't dusted regularly. Allen went on to say:

But here's what grabbed my attention:

"Foreign visitors are advised upon their arrival in Pyongyang not to throw away any North Korean newspapers lest they despoil a photo of the leaders," the story notes.

" 'Don't tear or crumble the newspapers. Don't throw it in a dustbin. Don't wrap something with it or use it for some other purpose,' warned guide Gil Hyun Ah, who said offenders would have to write formal letters of apology before being permitted to leave the country."

When I rule the Inland Valley -- it will be a benevolent tyranny -- I expect to apply the same rule upon the populace regarding the Daily Bulletin. Do not tear or crumble it, don't toss it away and for goodness' sake don't wrap any fish or coffee grounds in it. You might despoil my image.

The Onion News had a panel discussion on Kim's popularity a while back (before Kim's health took a sudden turn for the worse):

In The Know: Kim Jong-Il's Approval Rating Plummets to 120%