Claremont Insider: Sumpin' Nasty Goin' Down on Thursday

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sumpin' Nasty Goin' Down on Thursday

Just when we thought we would swear off--forever--anything having to do with youth sports in Claremont, we heard about The Battle For Vista Field. As we hear it, the first skirmish was fought last Thursday when the Claremont Stars lost 2 practice days at Vista to Junior All American Football. But the real battle is expected this Thursday, September 18th, when the Stars bring reinforcements. Forces are already massing, one side led by Field Marshall Napoleon Pedroza. Junior All American Football and Cheer versus The Claremont Stars, Club Soccer. The City Councilors versus the Gigolo Furriners. The Home Team versus the Visitors.

It's the Battle of the Century, Ladies and Gentlemen.

As we were returning to LAX from our long weekend in Paris, aboard our luxury jet Insider One, we were able to snap a picture of the forces maneuvering for position at Vista Park.

We don't know if this will be a fair fight, or if the fix is in. Will "Historical Rights" to practice at Vista Park win out over "The City Staff Playing Favorites"? Is the Sports Committee on the take? Will there be retaliation?

Ya know, when we think of it, youth sports in Claremont is pretty good training for real life after all.