Claremont Insider: Foothill Cities Blog--RIP

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Foothill Cities Blog--RIP

Perhaps news of its death has been greatly exaggerated, but the Foothill Cities Blog ('t try it; it's down) has been off the air for days now.

Posting there has been a bit spotty of late; we understand how life happens to the most committed bloggers, and wish Centinel well in dealing with his father's health. Publius, formerly a reliable source for thoughtful commentary, seems to be on an extended vacation far far away from Internet access. Here's hoping that tan is coming along nicely.

We are thinking that some of the enemies made by the FC Blog have finally done their dirty work. Probably the most likely suspect is Arnold Alvarez-Glasman, city attorney of West Covina and other cities, who was involved in a dust-up with the FC Blog last year. (We'd provide a link but, as we may have mentioned, the FC Blog is no more; gone; kaput; a former blog.)

The key here is to take down the blog and not leave any fingerprints.

They finally figured it out. Maybe they used the hacker who outed the Chinese gymnast or the one that hacked Sarah Palin's email.